Practical sonology

Sonology works with many exercises which are mainly based on the personal groundnote. They connect the notes with breathing and exact concentration on those parts of the body which resonate with the note sung. With continuous daily practice, as simple as they may be, they show great effect.

Groundnote exercise:

Initially, to strengthen your personality, Nada Brahma sonologists impart the groundnote exercise to you. This comprises four segments. It promotes inner calmness and composure, ease and zest for life. Your thoughts will become quiet and it will be easier to connect to the source of inner wisdom.

If you want to work on a personal issue, sonology can offer individual tone sequences based on your groundnote. The sequences correspond musically to your current situation and have the power to create resonance for the solution of your problem.
Mental exercises:

We offer you certain mental images to create in your mind. These pictures contain archetypical symbols. They serve as protection and aid clarification of your electromagnetical field. They also create a balance of your vital energy, promote relaxation and regenerate your vital strength.

The rhythmical exercises originate from Indian musical education and combine spoken syllables with corresponding hand movements. They synchronize the junction of both halves of the brain and can be an effective learning aid for children and adolescents. We also recommend them to people who have concentration problems or to people who are haunted by permanently recurring thought patterns. The rhythmical exercises create a great deal of joy and energy and improve mental fitness.