Nada Brahma System

The term “Nada Brahma System” is the title of a field of knowledge formulated by Vemu Mukunda in which he describes the tonal composition of a human being based on his personal groundnote. It also includes knowledge of the specific potency of each of the single frequencies and their importance for the human being.

Mukunda developed the Nada Brahma System according to the acquired knowledge of the spiritual tradition of his country and made it applicable to the western tone system.

Knowing about the interactions of body and soul, voice and emotions, Mukunda developed exercises which convert this knowledge into practical use. These exercises work, deliberately using no technical devices, solely with the power of the practitioner’s own voice. Mukunda was convinced that only the sound produced by the voice could make the special experience of the personal groundnote perceptible.

The measuring technique for the determination of the personal groundnote developed by Mukunda and the differentiated description of the twelve groundnotes are invaluable.

Nada Brahma Sonology is based upon the Nada Brahma System.