Nada Brahma Sonology

Nada Brahma Sonology, as applied by the members of the society, refers specifically to the Nada Brahma System of Vemu Mukunda. All of the components developed by him are retained and additionally, all of the areas which could not be further explored by him are sensitively integrated without substantially changing the system.

Sonology deals with the tonal composition of a person and with the possibilities that vocal exercises offer to influence the personality structure positively. This is possible because of the great power inherent in the notes. Due to its physical properties a musical note or respectively, a single frequency, has the capacity to move matter. This power can easily be shown using simple physical experiments. This has been documented optically many times, notably by Alexander Lauterwasser.
Oscillating water drops
Oscillating water drops
However, a tone can achieve even more. Its powers are capable of giving natural order to something that is unstructured. In this way the tone creates clarity and clear structures. The power of a note always gives rise to clear, balanced forms full of beauty, very much like a mandala. The following picture (and many more by Alexander Lauterwasser) clearly shows the effects on the human being when he or she is aware of how to use the regulating power of sound. Order and clarity arise naturally – an invaluable treasure in dealing with life.
Standing wave 91,8 Hertz
Standing wave 91,8 Hertz
To develop the healing power of a note in a person it is necessary to determine their individual frequency, as only then can selected parts of the body begin to vibrate. Because of physical resonances caused by the notes, a deep transformation can be evoked, taking a person on their path to good health, inner clarity and individual creative potential. By practising the groundnote exercises over a long period of time, they can influence emotional and mental patterns and therefore transform life internally and externally.

Should you express interest, our Nada Brahma sonologists are ready to determine your personal groundnote. The sonologist will inform you of the special qualities and great individual potential of your personality which are rooted in the groundnote. If you wish, you will also learn about the challenges of your tonality. Taking into consideration your present situation, suitable vocal exercises based on your groundnote can be developed. After the first visit we advise you to keep in touch with your sonologist and to contact him/her again after several weeks to make sure you are practising correctly. Please tell him/her about your feelings and your development. Exercises can then be varied, deepened or extended, if necessary.

Due to its holistic approach, sonology is, amongst other things, suitable for issues or problems concerning:
  • family

  • children

  • relationships

  • questions of life and life crises

  • school and apprenticeship

  • job or profession

  • pregnancy and bereavement

It is very worthwhile to add sonology exercises to your daily rituals. Your personal engagement is very important for the effect of the exercises. They reach their special depth when you apply them over a longer period of time. Then they do not only support your health and your emotional balance, but they will also help you in your spiritual development and self-awareness.

Although the tone is a very effective method for the positive inner transformation of a person, we have to point out that we do not take responsibility for success. The exercises of sonology are supposed to be an aid for self-help. They are not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutical treatment. The sonological exercises can support and accompany medical treatment. Please contact your personal physician if you require medical assistance. This is also necessary should you suffer from negative emotions, mental fixations or a troubled mind. We explicitly emphasize that there may be no success in healing. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the vocal exercises of sonology may remain ineffective.