Finding the groundnote

The individual groundnote is audible in the voice. In combination with a special measurement of the voice and a conversation concerning the subject’s characteristics, a sonologist can discover the exact frequency of their groundnote.

Once this frequency is established, the whole internal tonal structure of the personality is revealed. The information gathered from the strength and position of the tone in the body displays a differentiated picture of each individual’s characteristics. It displays their special abilities and capacities but may also give a hint of hidden dangers. Using this information, the sonologist can strengthen the client’s self-awareness and offer them the possibility of discovering their individual characteristics and making peace with them.

As sometimes the personal groundnote cannot be found at the first attempt due to the client’s current situation, another measurement may be necessary at a later date.

Should you be interested in discovering your personal groundtone, a sonologist who can perform the measurement may be found via our “Contact to us” page.
Grundtonbestimmung - Test